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Fall 2021 | Winter 2022

Fusion Romaine

Salanova Green Butterhead

Salanova Red Butterhead

Salanova Green Sweet Crisp

Green Star

Oak Leaf 

Kale Mix

Speciality Greens

Red Veined Sorrel

Miz America

Edible Flowers

KRISpy Greens Lettuce Mix

A delightful mix of our Salanovas, Sweet Crisp, Fusion Romaine along with a sprinkle of some of our other magical tastebud-pleasing produce.

Available in:

4 oz Lettuce Mix 

8 oz Lettuce Mix 

16 oz Lettuce Mix

4 oz Specialty Greens


-Standing orders are preferred. 

-Please place orders by Friday for orders for the following week.

-Custom orders are available, however growing times vary depending on crop variety so requests are required in advance.

-Contact for pricing 

Delivery & Pickup

-Deliveries are made on Mondays and Thursdays between 5:00-9:00pm to the Halifax area.

-No charge on local deliveries on orders over $25 within 20km return from Enfield on regular delivery days.


-No charge on stops en-route from Enfield to Metro Halifax on orders over $75 on regular delivery days.

-For deliveries outside the specified area, or specific delivery day requests, please contact.

order. Pickup available on request.

               **Contact for weekly availability or set up pre-order so you don’t miss out!**

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