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The Farm

What is Vertical Farming?
Vertical farming is a form of controlled environment agriculture that consists of fully insulated indoor operations, producing crops on multiple levels using lighting, water and nutrients. It incorporates controlled-environment agriculture, which aims to optimize plant growth, and soilless farming techniques, in our case, hydroponics! 
Our Company

Sutton's Vertical Gardens grows the freshest, hyper local, quality consistent leafy produce 365 days a year using the most modern techniques in farming. This Vertical Hydroponic Farm designed by Farmbox Foods is the equivalent of a 3 acre farm in a 320sqft shipping container. Capable of growing over 9000 plants at once, starting with a nursery capable of growing almost 4800 plants at a time, then moving to the specialized growing towers that on a rotating cycle can produce over 1000 units a week. This makes the farm a versatile machine that can not only grow various fully established plants, but can grow numerous micro greens and seedlings for transplants at the same time.


Our mission is to grow the freshest most consistent quality, pesticide free, leafy greens 365 days a year. With Vertical Hydroponic Farming, produce can go from harvest to table not only the same day but within hours. Grocery store produce can take days or weeks between delivery and consumption, losing over 55% of its nutrients in the first week alone. We will endeavor to get our nutritious, quality product to as many local families, restaurants, and markets from East Hants to Metro Halifax and beyond.

Environment & Sustainability
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This innovative technology allows us to use 95% less water than traditional farming and is free of pesticides and other undesirable chemicals that can only be done with hydroponics, all in a small 320sqft footprint. Being local also significantly cuts down on pollution associated with transportation. This allows us to provide the highest quality and most nutrient dense leafy greens, year round. 

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