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Our Story

Kris grew up down the road, in Milford, N.S. surrounded by farmland and found a love of agriculture at an early age. He spent many hours helping and learning to grow and prepare food with his family, which developed into the vibrant green thumb and culinary skills he has today. He is an Aircraft Mechanic by trade and spends his free time gardening, cooking, hunting, playing cards, and listening to music. Brenda originates from Port Hood, N.S. where she grew up on her family's four generation Cape Breton farmland, where they gardened and raised animals most of her childhood. She works for Health Canada and spends her free time reading, hiking, playing cards, making puzzles, and listening to music. They both love spending as much time as possible with their very supportive family and friend group and their two dogs, Waylon (Great Dane) and Willie (Boston Terrier).
Kris and Brenda purchased their first home together in Enfield, N.S. in 2019 with a few acres of property, and immediately added a 14’ x 24’ greenhouse where Kris began growing seasonal vegetables for them, their family and friends. This is where Sutton's Vertical Garden's now also resides, a mere forty steps from their front door where Kris makes the shortest commute he's ever had!

Kris had been toying with the idea of vertical gardening for a number of years and when Covid-19 hit the world and subsequently, fresh produce (among many other things) became hard to come by, he brought the idea back up to Brenda. Prices had begun to rise for lower quality product and the couple saw a need that needed to be met. This led them to circle back to the idea with a fresh perspective. The Suttons knew for certain at this point that this was what they wanted for their family and for the future of their communities; hyper local, nutrient dense, quality produce available all year long. 
Kris and Brenda were both raised in families that encouraged sustainable living, and supporting their rural communities and so together they are turning their dream into a successful, and meaningful business they are proud and excited to share with you all!


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