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Current Products

Fusion Romaine

Hail Caeser! Delectamentum, Favorabile, Pulchrum.. or at least that’s what Google Translator tells us is latin for delicous, flavourful, and beautiful. Wavy, dark green leaves with the flavour of a traditional romaine in a not so traditional look. Great for any Caeser Salad lover!


Beautiful round base, and we cannot lie! Open leaves with a delicious buttery flavour, because who doesn’t want healthy and buttery on the same plate?

Pomegranate Crunch

This beautiful red head has an attractive red to green colour. Romaine flavor with a perfect crunch.

Monte Carlo 

Romaine in flavour with a nice dark green colour. Perfect to add a little crunch to a mix or a sandwich near you.

Green Star

It’s a star. A rockstar! Sweet and juicy with stunning bright green glossy leaves. It could make a groupie out of anyone.

Salanova Green Butterhead_SVG.png
Green Star_SVG.jpeg

Other varieties of greens and select herbs are available on request with advanced notice for grow time. We will continue to grow with you, and try new products so that our customers can have more variety and unique flavours.

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